When people talk about teens there’s an emphasis on stroppiness and acne and anger management.  No-one talks about the pleasures.  Watching your wee boy transform in front of your eyes into a young man and become a funny and engaging adult whilst alternating with their toddler self, each trying to get the upper hand.  Oh […]

I had an unexpected response to my last post on feeling somewhat ordinary and deciding that what an ordinary accountant in the suburbs really needed was purple hair.  It seemed to strike a chord with people I have never met – this feeling of just being a little dull, a little uninspiring, of being dependable.  […]

I am a sensible woman.  A woman to have on your side when the chips are down but not the kind who gets flowers or trips to Paris.  I am not a woman who needs flattery or flowers.  Or rather, I do not appear to be a woman who needs flattery or flowers. I am […]

Normal service will be resumed shortly. This Saturday my sister-in-law (well ex-sister-in-law, we got custody of her in the divorce instead of getting my brother – Yay!) and two adult nieces are coming up to join Daniel and I scattering my mum’s ashes in our newly refurbed garden.  The garden project has been rumbling for […]

I suppose it’s quite natural to not feel happy after a major bereavement.  I can’t say I’m UNhappy, just not happy.  I didn’t ever feel guilty about laughing or having fun after my mother died though I know many people do and I understand that – in fact I felt guilty about not feeling guilty […]

I’m not going to turn a blog which is a varied collection of pointless jottings about one random life into a blog about grief.  My mother was a woman who liked to laugh, a lot, so she surely wouldn’t approve.  However she also liked a good cry – “Nanny,” sighed Daniel frequently “what are you […]

My mum died nine months ago after a rapid decline. Diagnosis to death was about three short weeks. She died on New Years day just ten days short of her 79th birthday. “It’s a good age” “It’s a blessing she went so fast, she wouldn’t have wanted to linger” “Oh (wince) New Years Day – […]